BlackBerry PRIV is DEAD! End of Life Status Confirmed

The BlackBerry PRIV is dead, after almost two years of service – no more updates, no more support. Adios, good buddy!

The BlackBerry PRIV is now dead. BlackBerry has confirmed the handset has reached its end of life status, meaning no more updates, no more support, no more nothing, basically.

The BlackBerry PRIV was originally launched in 2015 to a rather mixed reception. It was essentially the predecessor to the BlackBerry KeyOne, which turned out to be a far superior handset, though many still had a lot of love for the Priv.

Now that the phone has reached its end of life, it will no longer receive updates for the BlackBerry App World, Playbook Video calling and anything else pertaining to software, though BlackBerry says it is keen on getting existing users upgraded to either the KeyOne or the BlackBerry Motion.

This upgrade initiative will offer discounts and incentives to existing Priv users. BlackBerry did also confirm that if something really bad happens, like a critical security issue, it will, of course, release new firmware for the handset in due course.

You can pick up the BlackBerry KEYone for $449.99 via Amazon, for instance, while the impressive BlackBerry Motion retails for $519 – we just reviewed the Motion and bloody loved it too.

I’ve always liked BlackBerry handsets. But the company’s latest run of phones is the best yet, with excellent software and great cameras. They run pure Android, like the Pixel phones, and the imaging prowess of both is great.

They’re also a good deal cheaper than a lot of flagships in the marketplace right now, so if you’re looking for a new BlackBerry, you have two very solid options in the form of the KEYone and the Motion.

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