Bungie Confirms Clan XP Engram Bug, Offers Workaround – Game Rant

While there are numerous ways in which Destiny 2 players can increase their power level above the soft cap of 340, one of those sources is bugged according to Bungie. And although there was a hotfix released today, the bug is still active but thankfully Bungie has offered a workaround.

Destiny 2 players may have noticed that their Clan XP engram – the powerful reward granted for contributing 5,000 XP towards your clan – was not dropping respective to their current power level. Bungie was quick to point out that this was “not working as intended” but at the time did not have a solution.

The hope was that today’s hot fix, which removed the Heroic Strike Playlist bug among other things, would also fix this issue, but that was not the case. However, Bungie says that if players do not collect the Clan XP Engram it will auto-decrypt at the end of the week into items equal or higher than the player’s current power level.

While this is a good temporary solution, it does eliminate one source from players’ lists of weekly power level increases. Since Bungie decided to make power leveling slower, having one source removed can be a frustration, especially for those players waiting for the weekly reset to boost their power level and attempt the Spire of Stars raid lair.

The auto decrypting milestone rewards is a good safeguard for players that may not have the chance to redeem them before the weekly reset, but here it is an actual necessary step. Those that don’t use the workaround will see Hawthorne offering a powerful engram at 340 (or slightly higher if they have increased their power level enough) and be confused. Just leave it there and wait until next Tuesday morning, when the items should either magically appear in your inventory or go to the Postmaster.

For the most part Destiny 2’s Warmind launch went off without a hitch, but there have been some bugs to hinder player’s progress. The worst offender was a bug (since fixed) that prevented Heroic Strike Playlist credit, which is necessary for the weekly milestone and the Sleeper Simulant quest. Luckily, that bug has been fixed with today’s patch, and hopefully next week this Clan XP Engram bug will be rectified.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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