Bungie Looking Into New Elements, Classes, Weapon Types

This week, Destiny 2 developer Bungie hosted another Bungie Bounty where PvP fans were tasked with matching a select group of devs in the hopes of beating them. All while this was happening, Bungie Sandbox Design Lead Josh Hamrick answered some questions from the community.

Since Hamrick’s focus is on PvP, a lot of his answers dealt with the Sandbox and The Crucible. He covered topics like time to kill, the strength of Vigilance Wing after the “Go Fast” Update, and the investment system.

Obviously Hamrick couldn’t reveal too much about Bungie’s future plans for Destiny 2, but he didn’t shy away from a few teases either. When asked if Bungie planned to add new elements, classes, weapon types, or subclasses, Hamrick said some of those features are in the works.

destiny 2 hamrick answer new element

The fact that Bungie reproduced both the question and the answer in its Weekly Blog Update suggests that the developer wants to keep players in the loop. Gone are the days of cryptically hiding away from questions about new content or what features are in the works; Bungie needs to make sure that fans know exactly what is and isn’t being discussed at the studio.

Given the four categories that were brought up, it seems like new weapon types and subclasses are the most likely candidates for future Destiny 2 additions. The game is set to release a major expansion in the fall, not unlike Destiny 1’s Taken King expansion, which added a new weapon type and new subclasses. Of course, some of these additions might be further off, but no doubt players are hoping Bungie brings some new twists to the table for Year 2.

Speaking of Destiny 2’s future, Bungie recently invited a large group of content creators to the studio for a Community Summit. According to Bungie, this event will feature opportunities for the community to share their feedback regarding the game in its current state as well as playtest forthcoming content. It will be interesting to see how these representatives of the Destiny 2 community are able to shape the future of Bungie’s game, but hopefully, they can help the developers better understand what fans want.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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