Corsair mice and keyboards to be compatible with Xbox One

At X018, Microsoft announced that a number of games would receive mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One in the coming days. However, it seems like only Razer would offer peripherals that took advantage of the feature, particular when it came to wireless mice and keyboards. Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case because […]

UEFA announces new Champions League esports football tournament

UEFA announced a new esports Champions League for players to compete against one another to represent their favorite clubs at a final in Madrid; Harrisburg University launched a new esports training facility for its teams and students; and more happened this week in esports. UEFA eChampions League The new esports ePremiere League for professional football […]

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Don’t panic, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not all that far away, and it’s time to start getting prepared. We’ve already started to see some big retailers release ads and begin some deals early, and the team at Thrifter (the one who powers all the great deals you see on Windows Central) will […]

Hitman 2 early access begins on Xbox One and PC

Recently, Warner Bros. announced that Hitman 2 would launch on Xbox One and other platforms on November 13, 2018. In order to become the perfect assassin, you have to blend into the crowd, exploit the environment, and trick numerous opponents. Each decision has a consequence, so the more “invisible” you are, the smoother a mission […]

Crackdown 3 PC system requirements revealed for Windows 10

While Microsoft’s next major Xbox One exclusive, Crackdown 3, has fallen out the spotlight, we’re expecting its return at X018 in Mexico City. Ahead of the show, Microsoft has published a new Crackdown 3 Microsoft Store listing, providing a first look at the game’s PC hardware requirements. Crackdown 3 Minimum PC system requirements Crackdown 3 […]