P2I’s “Dunkable” Tech Makes ANY Phone 100% Waterproof

Richard Goodwin 18/02/2019 – 10:41am Water-proof phones are now fairly common. Most handsets, whether you’re talking iPhones or Android, can withstand a dip in the drink. Not ALL phones are water-proof though, despite the fact that water-proofing is one of the top features people look for when buying a new phone. Enter P2I’s New”Dunkable” Water-Proofing […]

A very high score, and for good reason

The Honor View 20 is flashy, powerful, and notch-less, but can it take a good photo? That’s what some people care about most when looking into a smartphone. We took the Honor View 20 around town and put it through its paces. Read other recent smartphone camera reviews: Honor steps into the smartphone battlefield with a […]

How to Craft Masterwork Weapons – Game Rant

Anthem is now available to players who subscribe to Origin Access Premier, so it’s safe to presume that there are a decent amount of Freelancers who are currently seeking some solid guns to improve their Javelin loadouts. One of the highest-tiered weapons a player can get will be labelled as a Masterwork, and they can […]

CAPTCHAS, Smarter Than a Human

CAPTCHAS are becoming more and more difficult as machine learning and AI take over. Challenging Tests For Humans In order to distinguish between humans and robots, challenging tests (distorted texts and puzzles) have been incorporated into allowing access to passwords or websites. Can robots solve puzzles or identify hidden images? Are they capable of breaking […]

Apple’s 2019 iPhones to wirelessly charge other devices, sport bigger batteries and frosted glass

  By Katie Marsal Sunday, February 17, 2019, 06:17 pm PT (09:17 pm ET) Apple’s 2019 iPhone lineup allegedly won’t look much different from the company’s current offerings outside of some frosted glass, new technologies like “bilateral” wireless charging, ultra-wide band for enhanced indoor positioning, and a triple-lens camera, according to TF International Securities analyst […]

Oops! Samsung LEAKS its Entire 2019 Wearables Range

Damien McFerran 15/02/2019 – 8:25am Someone is going to get fired… The release of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 has been plagued by leaks, so much so that we’re not entirely sure the Korean company will have all that much to show that’s not already known when it officially announces the handset later this month, […]

The best premium mobile game controller

I have never been someone who liked gaming on smartphones. Sure, I would play the occasional point and click game, but I never enjoyed on-screen controls. And while I have tried using gaming controllers, nothing had that all-in-one feel like a Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable. But with the Stratus Duo from SteelSeries, I think […]