Clementine Voice Actress Unsure About Series’ Future – Game Rant

The apparent closure of video game developer Telltale Games has left many fans very unhappy. Perhaps, none more so than those involved with creating the games themselves, as yet another former Telltale Games employee has taken to Twitter to share their experience of the developing ordeal.

Voice actress Melissa Hutchison – famous for her portrayal of several popular Telltale Games characters such as The Walking Dead’s Clementine – has now shared her disappointment regarding the current state of the developer. In her rather detailed address, she indicated that Friday was a particularly difficult day and that she too remains unsure about the future of The Walking Dead: Final Season.

While it is known that more than 90% of the Telltale Games team have been retrenched, a skeleton crew consisting of 25 people have been retained with the purpose of completing the developer’s final commitments to the board as well as other outside parties. Currently, it is widely thought that this team has been kept back to finish Minecraft: Story Mode for Netflix and that all other projects have been canceled. This includes The Walking Dead: Final Season (which has a second episode scheduled for next week), The Wolf Among Us Season 2, and a Stranger Things title.

As previously alluded to, Hutchison has been a regular feature in Telltale Games titles, and, thus, has also voiced characters in several of the developer’s other popular games, including the above-mentioned The Wolf Among Us along with Back to the Future and Minecraft: Story Mode. At the moment, there are several former Telltale Games employees sharing their experiences with their former employer on social media. Several industry giants have reacted to the closure of the studio by offering to take on former Telltale Games employees as well.

While the current status of Telltale Games in-progress titles remains a little unclear, it is always unfortunate when a group of people works on a task, only for it to amount to nothing. Perhaps, it’s even worse when said group have put extra hours in and were not compensated.

Source: Twitter (via Eurogamer)

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