Counter Attack – First Person Shooting Game Now in Tizen phone

Want another first person shooting game? Download this first person shooting game with great graphics and good gameplay “Counter Attack” a shooting game where your goal is to fight the terrorist.

In Counter Attack game you are with the elite forces, with a mission to annihilate the enemy trying to create chaos in the city. It is a war against terrorism, you are armed with different weapons, but as a start your weapon is the M3 pistol. But as the game progresses, and you earn more points, you can upgrade to different weapons such as Wesson model 29, shot gun, M16 rifle or machine gun.

The Counter Attack has at least 15 challenging levels, different maps but before you can proceed to the next level you have to unlock it first by completing your mission. The game has good graphics, with several challenging levels and options. The game is free to download from Tizen Store.


Get Ready and Come in Action to join Counter Attack Challenge !!

The Battle against Terrorism.

You get invited in various roles of commanding with a different kind of weapons. Sniper Shooting Mission, First Person FPS Shooting are some of the action modes. The ultimate goal of the Counter Attack Strike is to bring peace in the City.

In your war against targeted terrorism, you can use various types of weapons including sniper rifles, trigger sniper in the 3D realistic war environment.

Definitely, an opportunity is here, shoot more to earn more and unlock weapons of your choice.

Moreover, various levels of difficulty with increasing difficulty and targets to kill are waiting to test your shooting skill.

Feel proud to participate in Counter Attack war against terrorism !!

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