Dead Orbit Will Dominate Destiny 2’s Faction Rally – Game Rant

When Faction Rally goes live for Destiny 2 early next week there will be a lot of discussion about the event’s limitations and potential shortcomings. Already, players are talking about the fact that they can only pledge to one faction per account, with some appreciating the tough choice that restriction creates while others malign being closed off to loot.

But the real discussion to be had for Destiny 2’s Season 3 Faction Rally surrounds Dead Orbit and how the faction is likely to dominate all three instances of the event. Bungie’s decision to tie exotic weapon catalysts to each Faction was a good idea in practice, but which weapons the developer chose likely has put Dead Orbit in front of all others.

For those that might not know, each Faction will offer an exotic weapon catalyst to those that hit rank 50. For Dead Orbit the catalyst is for Graviton Lance, for New Monarchy the Sweet Business catalyst is available, and Future War Cult has the Sunshot catalyst.

destiny 2 dead orbit season 3 rewards

No doubt there are going to be some players capable of hitting rank 50 with each faction, but that could take a lot of grinding over the couse of three separate weeks. We still don’t know how the new Renown system will influence token drops, but players should expect to work for what is a big reward.

So why is Dead Orbit going to dominate Faction Rally? The Graviton Lance is easily one of the best PvP weapons out there right now and its masterwork perks further boost the weapon’s target acquisition. Even without boosts to aiming, Graviton Lance has one of the best times to kill in Crucible and it’s safe to assume the catalyst will only improve that. It along with Vigilance Wing are the go-to weapons across all of Crucible.

If the catalyst was at a more attainable level then it’s possible the other two factions could nab wins in following Faction Rally weeks, but at rank 50 it’s very likely that many players will set their sights on Dead Orbit rank 50 and nothing else. Future War Cult does have a chance, though, as there are a lot of Sunshot fans out there, but it’s hard to see New Monarchy having a chance at all for Faction Rally. Perhaps that is Bungie’s way of bringing balance after New Monarchy dominated all of Season 2.

Whether or not Bungie will pivot following the results of the first Faction Rally, there is a conversation to be had about non-Faction rewards being locked to Factions. Moreover, whether or not these catalysts will be gone once Season 3 concludes. We’ll see how wide Dead Orbit’s margin of victory is in about a week.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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