Destiny 2 Getting Private Matches in Early 2018

Destiny 2 is in an interesting spot with fans. While many newcomers and longtime fans are working through the initial grind with the newly released PC version, the game is facing fan criticism and concerns about a lack of content, especially in regards to content from Destiny 1 that didn’t make its way into sequel.

One of those features that didn’t make the jump is private matches. But after a month or so of wondering why, Bungie finally tells fans that it is working on private matches for Destiny 2, with an expected launch date of early 2018.

This week, Bungie shared a preview of what it is working on for Destiny 2, all of them being an answer to feedback received from fans. While it looks like private matches will miss the launch window of the game’s Season 2 and the first major expansion, Curse of Osiris, if all goes right it will be added to the game in its own update in a timeframe shortly after the new year.

Back with Destiny 1, fans of the Crucible clamored for a private matches option in the game, and it finally arrived with the Rise of Iron expansion, which kicked off the game’s Year 3. Before that, in order for players to match up with a group of their choosing, they would have to trick the matchmaking system into matching them with someone, by using two players in close proximity to each other and by searching for a game at the same time. For player-run tournaments and fun events, this proved quite difficult, and so private matches were greeted with welcome arms.

But the ability to play PvP, and with tools to slightly alter certain rules of each game type, led to players being able to enjoy PvP with their friends in a casual setting, plus made setting up tournaments and community events easier. Given the fact Bungie took so long to add the feature, fans expected private matches to appear at launch with Destiny 2, and many were shocked by the news that it would not make it into vanilla Destiny 2. When private matches didn’t launch with the game, most figured it was a question of when not if, and they were right.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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