Destiny 2 Increasing Vault Space with Warmind Update – Game Rant

Vault space has been a constant struggle in Destiny, dating back to the introduction of the first game in 2014. Bungie has tried to keep up, but the demand for more vault space has always exceeded the supply.

The good news for Destiny 2 players is that vault space is increasing for the first time. Starting with the Warmind DLC, players’ vaults will jump from holding 200 items to 300 items.

100 extra items is a good start for Destiny 2, but players will likely fill up the space fast. 200 items was already pushing it with the Curse of Osiris DLC rewards and the new Nightfall rewards, and Warmind will soon add several new sets of armor and weapons as well.

The new Escalation Protocol event will include a set of armor and weapons. The new Spire of Stars raid lair will have a new armor set and a few weapons. And that’s not counting all of the vendors that will see either a refresh or will be completely new for the DLC.

destiny 2 trailer vault destroyed

However, while Destiny 2’s vault space is increasing to 300, that 100 jump is likely to go fast. In Destiny 2, Bungie added vault slots for mods, shaders, and consumables and those can take up space.

Consumables and mods might be a non-issue, but shaders are no doubt stacking up in players’ inventories. Granted, some of the overflow has to do with the fact that players can’t delete shaders in bulk (that feature is coming), but it still would be nice to hold every shader and not be forced to delete some. After all, Destiny 1 had a shader kiosk where players could simply pick up any shader they wanted. But then Eververse came along and shader functionality expanded and vault space for shaders became an issue.

But that will seemingly always be a problem for Destiny; not enough space to support all of the new items available. Perhaps in the September expansion Bungie will offer a more long-term solution but right now players are getting a little extra room to store their stuff.

Destiny 2: Warmind releases May 8, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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