Destiny 2 Servers Will Be Offline Tomorrow For New Update

Destiny 2 servers will be going offline tomorrow for server maintenance as Bungie prepares to roll out Update Servers are scheduled to be down from 7am to 2pm PST.

Update is set to bring a number of changes to Destiny 2. With this update, players who do not own Curse of Osiris will be allowed to participate in the Prestige Leviathan Raid once again, and will be able to earn the exotic shotgun Legend of Acrius, which is currently locked for players who have not purchased the DLC.

This update will also introduce sweeping changes throughout Destiny 2 in an attempt to make the game more rewarding. For example, players will be able to acquire Masterwork weapons, which will have random re-rollable stat bonuses and will track kills with that weapon.

Additionally, vendors will allow players to purchase armor and weapons in exchange for faction tokens and legendary shards, giving players a much-needed use for these materials. Armor sets will always be available for purchase, while weapons will rotate weekly. Vendors will also notify the player when the player has enough faction tokens to unlock a reward engram.

This week also marks a big change for Xur, Destiny 2’s weekly exotic dealer. Xur will now sell Fated Engrams, which will guarantee the player an exotic they do not currently have unlocked. Three of Coins will also be up for grabs, which will boost exotic engram drop rates for four hours.

Most of these changes are much needed in Destiny 2 currently. Curse of Osiris removed the ability to take on the Prestige raid if players did not own the DLC, even though it was part of the base game. This rightfully caused a lot of backlash, so Bungie is reverting the Prestige Leviathan raid back to power level 300 to give all players access to the activity. This update and more should make the brief downtime on December 12 worth it for Destiny 2 players.

Destiny 2 is now available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One.

Source: Bungie

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