Destiny 2 Will Keep Tuesday as Reset Day

In an exclusive interview with Game Rant, Destiny 2 project lead Mark Noseworthy confirms that reset will still be Tuesday for the sequel. There had been speculation the day may change, with some compelling evidence, but Tuesday will continue to be the day.

Since its very beginning the Destiny experience has been about rituals, be it completing daily bounties, clearing checkpoints in the raid, or running Nightfall Strikes. Every Tuesday, players log on, begin their rituals, and before the following Tuesday they had checked every box on the list. For Destiny 2, however, there was speculation that some of those rituals might run on a new clock.

Tuesday has been the reset day for Destiny since its launch, which also happened to be a Tuesday. But since Destiny 2 releases on Friday, September 8, there was speculation that the game might move the reset day to Friday as well.

Obviously a new reset day wasn’t something Bungie was going to announce during the gameplay reveal stream, but Game Rant had the chance to speak to Project Lead Mark Noseworthy, who confirmed Destiny 2’s reset will take continue place on Tuesday. Noseworthy understood fans’ line of thinking – Destiny 1 launched on Tuesday and reset day became Tuesday, so Destiny 2’s reset day could become Friday – but he assured us things will not be changing in that respect.

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In a lot of ways, a Friday reset would have been a smart decision for Destiny 2 since it gives players the weekend to complete those rituals as early as possible. Moreover, when a new raid released, which is typically a Friday, there would be a full week to complete it and collect rewards before a reset. As it stands now, raids go live on Friday and players have less time to get those first week’s worth of clears done.

At the same time, Tuesday has been reset for 3 years and it likely would have upset some fans if the day changed. Everyone has grown used to the Tuesday night/early morning rush, even if it sometimes makes us a little less focused at work the next day.

Destiny 2 releases September 8, 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will release some time after that.

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