Different Ways to Fix Error 495 in Google Play Store

When you try to download or update apps or games from google play store, You may encounter error 495. It may be a temporary problem. Retrying can resolve this issue. But, If you face it repeatedly or frequently, This will be a real problem. So, In this article, You will get some troubleshooting advice to fix error 495.

Android is great mobile operating system. Google play store is the official app store of it. Sometimes android users may encounter problem during installing / downloading apps from play store. There may be different reasons behind it. But, The most common reasons are corrupted cache or data problem. Some errors may appear due to network problem. Error 495 is a very common problem among android users.

Screenshot Google Play Store Error 495

App installation  / download process can be automatically aborted by showing you an error code 495. Suppose, You are encountering this problem while downloading facebook app. So, Thee error message can be like this:

“Facebook” could not be downloaded due to an error. (495).

If you encounter it while updating facebook, You may get following message:

Facebook can’t be updated. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code 495)

You may try to restart your phone or retry to install your desired app. But, You won’t be successful every time.

How to Fix Error 495 in Play Store on Android:

There are several ways to solve this problem. Different methods will work for different users. Here are the most common ways to fix play store error 495.

1. Clearing Cache & Data:

It is a very common troubleshooting method for any play store related issues. I suggest you to clear cache and data of Google Play Store, Google Play Framework and the app you are trying to update (If any). It may fix error 495. To do it, Follow the instructions below.

  • At first, Navigate to Settings > Application Manager or Apps > open “All” apps.
  • Find Google Play Store > clear data and clear cache.
  • Now, Find Google Service Framework (Google Play Services). Then clear data and clear cache of it.
  • Install or, update app from Play Store
  • If the issue still persists, try uninstalling Play Store updates

2. Removing and Adding Google Account:

Re-adding google account sometimes works great. To do it –

  • Navigate to System Settings > Accounts > Google > Remove your gmail account.
  • Go to Settings > Apps > All and force stop all. Then clear cache and data.
  • Now, Go to System Settings > Accounts and add your google account again.
  • Now try to install or update app from Play store. It should fix error 495.

3. Enabling Location Service:

This error can be related to your location service. According to various forums and blogs, Enabling and giving location access can fix error 495 in android. You will get all location related options from Settings > Location.

4. Trying from Different Network:

Sometimes, Trying to install apps by using different network may work. So, You also can try it. You also can use VPN. I hope, It will work.

5. Resetting App Preferences:

Sometimes, This method works for some play store errors. To fix error 495, You can simply go to Settings > Apps from your android phone. Then, Open menu by tapping on appropriate button. In most cases, The button should be like “three vertical dots or lines”. Then, Tap on Reset App Preferences. If you are lucky, It will repair your problem.

6. Last Solutions:

In case, These methods above don’t work, You can try to install or update your desired app by changing DNS in your android phone. If it still fails, You may consider resetting your phone which should fix all common problems of your phone.

These are the best solutions i have found. You may know any other better ways to troubleshoot this problem. If you want, You can share the method that has worked for you. You can post your problem with details in Google Product Forum, If you don’t find any working solutions regarding error code 495.

Hope this helps!

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