Does Destiny 2 Ending Hint at DLC Release Schedule?

In the next month or so, Bungie will start to explain how the future of Destiny 2 will take shape. Starting in December, the studio will release its first DLC expansion, reportedly titled Curse of Osiris, along with the start of Season 2. But beyond that, players have a lot of questions.

Bungie is going to keep things a closely guarded secret like it did with Destiny 1, but the studio is not afraid to drop clues. In fact, some Destiny 2 fans think the developer already offered a roadmap for future DLC expansions beyond just the two known add-ons.

The latest theory circulating the Destiny 2 community suggests that the post-credits scene in the game doubles as a timeline of new content additions. So for those that might not remember, that would mean players visit or encounter enemies from Mercury, then Mars, then The Reef, then The Dreadnaught, and then The Darkness.

Although this isn’t an entirely new theory, it has gained new life thanks to the recent data mine of the PC version. These miners found audio clips that suggest DLC 1 will take players to Mercury in search of Osiris, and Mars will be the setting for DLC 2, which is believed to feature a Warmind buried beneath the planet’s surface.

There are also audio files that talk about visiting the Reef and the Dreadnaught, despite both of those areas feeling fully explored in Destiny 1. The Reef was only used as a social space and for Prison of Elders, so there could be more to do there. And The Dreadnaught is a massive ship, with nooks and crannies that extend beyond the patrol area that was available in The Taken King.

And finally, there is The Darkness, the mysterious enemy that has only been talked about but never officially revealed by Bungie. Most fans assume that the triangle ships seen in the final shot of the Destiny 2 post-credits scene belong to the Darkness, but Bungie has yet to confirm one way or the other.

So, assuming this theory has some weight, there are still plenty of questions to ask. We don’t know if Bungie plans to repeat the plans of Destiny 1 and release two DLC add-ons in December and April/May, and then deliver a major expansion in September to kick off Destiny 2 Year 2, or if the studio plans to approach things differently this time around. Whatever the case may be, though, there is compelling evidence where new content will take players in the future.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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