Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Loot Boxes

Dragon Ball FighterZ stands as one of the first big video game releases of 2018, and it may be bringing with it a trend that stirred up quite a bit of controversy last year. As discovered by users with early copies of the game, Dragon Ball FighterZ will have a form of loot boxes called Z Capsules.

The loot boxes, or Z Capsules, in Dragon Ball FighterZ will be cosmetic only, allowing players to customize the game’s roster of fighters as well as their lobby avatar. Loot boxes in the game will not be purchased through micotransactions, but rather using two different kinds of in-game currency.

The first kind of in-game currency in Dragon Ball FighterZ is called Zeni, which players will earn by competing in the game’s battles. The second kind of currency is called Premium Z Coins, which are earned by trading in duplicate items found in Z Capsules. The name of Premium Z Coins certainly suggests that players will be able to purchase them with microtransactions eventually, but that’s just speculation at this time.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Has Loot Boxes - Z Capsules

If Bandai Namco isn’t planning on implementing microtransactions eventually, then it seems strange that it would have two different in-game currencies and bother using a loot box system at all. Of course, it could be that Bandai Namco originally planned on including microtransactions for Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s loot boxes, only to reverse this decision after Star Wars Battlefront 2 kicked off the ongoing loot box controversy.

Then again, there’s a chance that Bandai Namco has never had any intentions to include microtransactions in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Some games in the past have included loot box-like systems without microtransactions, and while Dragon Ball FighterZ could follow in the footsteps of titles like Call of Duty: WW2 and patch them in later, that remains to be seen.

Regardless of if microtransactions are added or not, we do know that when Dragon Ball FighterZ launches next Friday, it will have a loot box system in place. Since Dragon Ball FighterZ doesn’t appear to be locking away any major characters like Goku or the God of Destruction Beerus behind them, its loot boxes may not cause as much of a stir as Star Wars Battlefront 2. However, it will still be interesting to see how fans react to loot boxes being in the game at all.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will launch on January 26 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle

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