Drift Racing City Dubai Tizen Game

Here is another racing game for your Tizen phone, “Drift Racing City Dubai”. The game has an HD graphics, challenging, great sound effects and animation and it’s totally free.

In this game you have to a goal to achieve, like collecting several numbers of coins to proceed to the next challenge. You have 25 seconds time limit, before the time is out, you should reach the check point or else it’s over.

Get power-ups to add additional speed to your car, or you can grab the transparent truck to change it to a special vehicle for a limited time. If you failed to reach the check point, you can use diamonds or coins to but additional time for the race. Or you can also use the coins that you earned to upgrade your car to make it easy for you to achieve the goal. Note: Avoid crashing to other cars as it will slow you down.


this high-octane Perfect Shift game lets you compete with challengers in a visually stunning 3D race environment that looks great on any device.

Challenge the toughest opponents to race in abandoned tunnels, on deserted city streets and dark industrial areas. Design and upgrade your dream car to improve performance on the strip by purchasing with powerful engines, better tires and making aerodynamic tweaks in your well-equipped 3D garage.

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