End Of The Line: The Samsung Galaxy J Series Might Be Getting The Chop

Budget line could be culled to make room for the Galaxy M series

Despite the fact that Samsung is expanding its low-cost Galaxy J series with the Galaxy J6 Plus and the Galaxy J4 Plus, we’re now hearing rumours that the South Korean company could be killing off the popular budget line in the near future to make way for some aggressively-priced handsets aimed at emerging markets like India and South America.

Unlike Apple, which tends to aim at the high end of the smartphone market, Samsung is happy to play all sectors and has a few sub-brands aimed at different consumers. The Galaxy S line is the premium series and includes the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, while the Galaxy A line is the company’s mid-range sub-brand.

The Galaxy J brand is for budget shoppers, but Samsung has found it increasingly hard to remain competitive thanks to an influx of low-cost Android handsets from Far Eastern rivals. It would seem that the company now wishes to shake up this formula a little by killing off one of its sub-brands in order to create a brand-new one.

According to the rumour, the Galaxy J line is the most likely candidate for the cull and could be replaced by a new ‘Galaxy M’ line which will be made up of low-cost phones aimed at markets such as China, India and South America – very much like Chinese rival Xiaomi’s Redmi series.

In addition to this, the existing Galaxy A line could be expanded to include handsets which boast more competitive features and better specs, presumably to challenge the likes of OnePlus, Huawei and Xiaomi, all of which make mid-range devices equipped with cutting-edge tech. Samsung’s Galaxy A line has traditionally sold on the name alone, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the company’s cheap and cheerful blowers are being comprehensively out-gunned by their budget rivals.

It’s high time that companies like Samsung woke up to the fact that Huawei and Xiaomi are expanding rapidly thanks to their low-cost approach to Android phones; when compared purely on specs, there’s little reason to opt for Samsung’s Galaxy A and J offerings when compared to devices like the Redmi 6 and new-released Pocophone F1, the latter of which packs a Snapdragon 845 CPU – the same chipset as found inside the Galaxy S9.

However, Samsung is a massive company and with a bit of product line restructuring could effortlessly gatecrash this low-cost party with a line of its own high-specced budget devices; the only question is, will the Samsung-buying faithful still want to pay all that money for a Galaxy S or Galaxy Note when they can sacrifice a few features here and there and get a similarly-specced Samsung for almost half the price or less? If this rumour – and it is only a rumour at the moment – is to be believed, that we could see a very different Samsung to the one we know and love in the near future.

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