Every Single Smart Home Device That Currently Works With Google Home

Google’s released a master list of 150 smart home products that work with Google Home

If you’ve invested in a Google Home or Google Home Mini unit, and you’ve been using it for a while, you’re probably interested in its wider applications. Specifically: how it can interact with other, third-party smart home appliances.

Google’s Assistant is a big deal and in order to make it as useful as possible, The Big G has worked closely with many of the biggest players in the smart home appliances and accessories space, so you can interact with your home simply by issuing vocal commands.

This is where devices like Google Home really come into their own and actually start to feel like a little slice of the future that’s just around the corner. With Google Home, you can control lights inside your home, set alarms, order your washing machine to do a cycle, activate security alarms – tons of stuff, basically.

What Smart Home Appliances Support Google Home?

Buying new appliances for your home is never cheap, but if you’re anything like me, and you like the idea of the IOT, you will likely have been buying things with this in mind – whether you’re talking about kettles or washing machines.

Google has now compiled a list of every, single smart home appliance that works with Google Home and Google Assistant, so you can use it as a master list of sorts when updating the tech in and around your home.

So what’s included so far? Quite a bit as it goes – the list contains over 150 products, so more than enough to get you started on your journey towards a fully functional smart home.

The list includes plugs, garage door openers, lighting, wireless speakers, ovens, switches, cloud platforms, security monitors, and much, much more besides.

You can check out the full list here. And if you’re interested in what Google Home can do for you out of the box, make sure you read our article on 20 Things Google Home Can Do For You Today.

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