Everything we know about Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera: New operators, zombies, and more

Rainbow Six Siege is set to receive a cooperative zombies mode in early 2018, with the release of “Operation Chimera.” Here’s what we know so far.

Rainbow Six Siege has grown to be one of Ubisoft’s biggest successes of the generation, delivering a shooter experience that while competitive, delivers unrivaled tension and atmosphere. Despite its rocky beginnings in 2015, the game has grown to be one of the biggest titles of today – now entering its third year of post-launch content.

Kicking off 2018, Rainbow Six Siege is on track to receive its ninth major content drop, “Operation Chimera.” Deviating from the formula of previous expansions, Chimera brings significant shift in tone, with a new “fantasy” setting. And although a full reveal is still some time away, Ubisoft hasn’t held back in teasing what’s to come.

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Mission Outbreak

The centerpiece of Operator Chimera is an all-new game mode, known as “Mission Outbreak.” While details are scarce, Outbreak will be a three-player cooperative experience, assumedly with similarities to the existing “Terrorist Hunt” mode. However, Ubisoft has stressed this is “fantasy” take on the Rainbow Six formula, with a “new flavor” compared to previous expansions.

In line with the name of the expansion and the mission itself, Mission Outbreak will pit players against a biohazard threat, after a dangerous pathogen kickstarts a widespread pandemic. Backed up by various teasers both in-game and on social channels, the pathogen is likened to a “parasite,” that targets the adrenal glands and skews hormones.

Ubisoft is also sharing vague teasers for Outbreak through a “leaks” site for the expansion, “” After logging in with a Uplay account, the site shows the early stages of an alternate reality game (ARG), detailing the spread of a pathogen across Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

The parasite’s bonding with the adrenal gland of the patients, supercharging it and improving their pain management. It’s lacing around the major bones and reinforcing everything from the clavicle to the ulna. If it wasn’t for dulling their pain, this thing would kill the patients out of sheer torture. It’s also tapping into the nervous system, nobody knows why yet.

From these snippets, it’s safe to assume Outbreak will be a type of zombies-based mode, where players need to fight back the infected. Ubisoft has confirmed this will be a limited time event rather than a permanent mode and will be playable for four weeks after the content drops. The event will also be free for all Rainbow Six Siege players, similarly to multiplayer maps previously added to the game.

Two new Operators

Like previous seasons, Operation Chimera will also debut two new playable Operators, for both the new cooperative mode and competitive multiplayer. Tying into the theme established with Mission Outbreak, both operators will be experts in biohazard threats and containment, with gadgets that assumedly tie into these roles.

One of the Operators comes from a French specialist unit, while the second is tied to Russia. While few details have been provided beyond this, it’s safe to assume one will be an attacker, while the other will be a defender in competitive play.

For those with Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 3 Pass, two weeks of early access will be provided to both these Operators. While firm dates are yet to be established, these Operators will be available with the game’s Renown currency, or R6 Credits, two weeks after Year 3 Pass holders.

The release of these Operators will also be paired with new skins and other cosmetic content, which ties into in Chimera’s zombie theme. These cosmetics will be available exclusively over the four-week period, before assumedly being added to the Alpha Pack content pool at a later date.

The outbreak looms ahead

For now, information on Operation Chimera is relatively limited, though, in the coming months, more details are set to surface. A full reveal of Operation Chimera and Mission Outbreak is scheduled for the “Six Invitational 2018” in Montreal, between February 13 and February 18. Once more details surface, we’ll be sure to update this article. For now, we can just look forward to its Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC release in early 2018.

Are you still playing Rainbow Six Siege? What do you think of a cooperative zombies mode? Make sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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