Fix Cortana "Ask Me Anything" Search Turned White

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Recently Some Windows 10 updated has made changes to the Cortana Search bar. The Color of Cortana Ask Me Anything Search bar has changed it’s color from grey to White. This is not a Big problem but users are finding it very irritating.

Windows 10 task bar is black in color and now the new white color for Cortana Search looks ugly to some users. Yes, it feels awkward because of this unexpected change. But, We are here with a solution to this problem.

Fixing Cortana Ask Me Anything Search bar Color.

Fix Cortana Ask Me Anything Search Turned White
Cortana Color Changed to White
Fixing Cortana Color Change issue
Cortana Color Change Issue Fixed

There is a very Simple Solution or you can call it Workaround to this problem. All you need to do is Change your System location temporarily. Sign out and Sign in back to your account. Then, Change the location again.

Performing these steps seems to be working for lot of users and they can now see Cortana Search bar back in the color which it used to be Earlier. No, We won’t leave you high and dry with this much of information, So here are the steps that you need to do:

Step 1: Go to Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language.

Step 2: Now, Choose some Another Country from the Drop Down menu. (Location where Cortana is unavailable Currently.)

Step 3: Close the window and Sign out from your account.

Step 4: Sign back in to your account. Now you must have fixed the Search bar Color issue.

Step 5: Do step 1 again and Change location to your country again.

That is all you need to do to fix Cortana search bar color changed problem. This is just a workaround, we are not sure if this is a bug from Microsoft’s side or they have intentionally changed the color.

If in case above steps doesn’t work for you or you do not want to do these steps then, you can even hide the Cortana bar itself.

  • Right click on Task bar.
  • Hover on Cortana.
  • Click on Hidden.
  • Now, cortana bar is hidden.

Let us know if above mentioned steps helped you. You can ask questions in Comments below if there is anything that bothers you about this post. Have a Great day!!!

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