Fix Keyboard Input not Working in Start Menu / Edge Browser

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If you are using windows 10 in an old computer, You are probably having tons of problems everyday. New PC users are not exceptional. They are also encountering many errors. Recently, Some users reported about a new problem related to keyboard input in windows 10. In start menu search, Users can’t type anything as keyboard input is not responding. Same thing is also happening in Microsoft Edge browser. Though this is a temporary problem and a simple restart can remove it for a few moments. Repeatedly facing same issue is really annoying and no one expect it.

Windows 10 keyboard response problem

What Causes this Error in Windows 10

At first, You should know that if you have keyboard and mouse older than 5 years, Probably, These are not 100% compatible with latest windows 10 builds. It can be a reason. But, Here are other reasons that can cause your keyboard input not working in windows 10.

  1. Having high disk usage problem.
  2. Corrupted USB port (For USB Keyboard).
  3. Corrupted system files.
  4. To many unnecessary services in background.
  5. Third-party incompatible programs or services.
  6. Outdated driver.
  7. Problematic Keyboard device.

If your keyboard is not damaged, You can try some fixes.

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How to Fix Keyboard Input not Working in Start Menu and Edge Browser:

Before starting the troubleshooting steps, Please make sure your Windows is totally up to date. If not, Please update it first. Then try the methods given below.

Update Keyboard Driver:

You should check, If there is any available updates for keyboard driver. From windows device manager, You can update any drivers software easily. Here are the things to do.

  • At first, Open RUN. You can use keyboard shortcut Win + R to open it.
  • Now, Type devmgmt.msc and press Enter or click on OK. It will open Windows Device Manager.
  • Expend Keyboards and right click on Standard PS/2 Keyboard. Then choose Update Driver Software.
  • Now, Click on Search automatically for updated driver software.
  • It will search for available latest software for your keyboard. If you already have the latest version installed, It won’t do anything.
  • After updating, Restart your PC.

If out dated driver causes this problem, This will fix it.

Update Chipset drivers:

Outdated motherboard chipset drivers may not be compatible with windows 10. As a result, You can experience several common issues like mouse, keyboard not working, slow performance etc. So, I recommend you to look for latest driver updates in manufacture websites. But, You can download intel driver update utility which will automatically detect outdated drivers of your PC and ask you to update. You won’t have to do anything. This intel official tool can download latest software for your PC.

Temporarily Disable Security Software:

Some antivirus or security programs have such feature that can secure your keyboard inputs. Though it is rare and such features only activates when you type sensitive data, It can create conflicts. As a result, You may find keyboard input is not working in start menu search, Microsoft edge browser address bar etc. So, When you face this problem, You can disable antivirus protection temporarily and see if it fixes the problem. If you find it works, You can disable secure input feature. Though everything is your choice.

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot:

Third-party services in windows have bad reputation of create conflicts. But, How you can know that keyboard not responding problem is caused by any third-party services? It’s quite easy. In another article, I’ve explained how to perform clean boot. It disables all third-party services and make a clean environment where only official microsoft services will be active. You can try it and see if you don’t encounter any input not responding problem. If you find everything is fine, You can be sure any of your third-party services is causing the problem. In that case, You can disable some services that you don’t need and see if it helps. Else, You can try disabling / enabling any services to find out the main culprit, Though it is a long time killing process.

Run SFC and DISM Command:

When your windows system files become corrupted for any reasons, Windows may not perform normally. Keyboard or mouse not responding properly, windows update may experience many difficulties, many official services may stop working etc. are some examples of problems caused by corrupted system file. To get rid of it, You can run SFC and DISM command. I’ve explained everything about it in another article. Read: Repair Corrupted System Files.

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