Fortnite Getting Some Crazy New Skins and More

Even though Fortnite has moved to a bi-weekly update schedule, Epic Games continues to pump out new and interesting items for its immensely popular shooter. This week saw the additions of the Port-a-Fort item, which instantly creates a 3 story metal fort that players can use against others in Battle Royale, as well as detail a replay system for impressive moments and the return of the 50v50 Limited Time Mode. The patch also appears to add a number of new items into the background, which were quickly spotted by the community.

According to Storm Shield One, some interesting cosmetic items have been added to the Fortnite database after update 3.5 launched this week. Though Epic Games has yet to confirm or officially reveal any of these outfits, the new items include skins, backpacks, fliers, emotes, and pickaxes. For Legendary skins, players can pick up the Tricera Ops skin which dresses players in a Triceratops outfit; Leviathan, which is a space suit with a fish for a head; a tomato man outfit themed after the Tomato Town mascot; and a high tech soldier known as Cipher. The rest of the items remain true to these outfits including a large pizza cutter axe, a baby dinosaur backpack, a satellite dish flier, and much more.

Fortnite new cosmetics

The costumes align with many aspects of Fortnite already, as Battle Royale Season 3’s theme is space, while Tricera Ops appears to be in response to the popularity behind the first dinosaur themed costume: Rex. It’s easy to associate the tomato man as being the mascot for the map location known as Tomato Town, similar to the Red Knight of Anarchy Acres or the Black Knight from Wailing Woods.

Typically data mined skins like these are eventually added to the game, like the Raven skin and Easter gear were discovered prior to an official reveal. These unique costumes and cosmetics are one of the main reasons why Fortnite remains as popular as it is and the developers at Epic Games only appear to be getting more creative. Recently, a Rock, Paper, Scissors emote took the community by storm once it was discovered that the emote actually randomly displayed one of the three hand gestures. Even Drake has gotten in on the action by promising to rap about Fortnite if Epic creates a unique hotline bling emote.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and iOS.

Source: Storm Shield One

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