Fortnite Rifts Are Back – Game Rant

Yesterday, Epic Games disabled the rifts in Fortnite after discovering a bug. Disabling the rifts in the game made it impossible for some players to complete their challenges, so luckily Epic has wasted no time reactivating the rifts, and they are now live in the free-to-play battle royale game once again.

For the uninitiated, rifts are portals that can be found dotted around the map in Fortnite. Sometimes these rifts are easy to reach, but other times players will need to build structures in order to get up to them. After going through a rift, players will teleport to somewhere in the sky, at which point they can deploy their glider again, which is useful for making a quick escape from enemy players or to get away from the storm.

Rifts are significant in the game because, with the exception of the Soaring 50’s limited time mode, they are one of the only ways players can activate their gliders after their initial battle bus jump. They’re also significant because with season 5, rifts are tied to one of the challenges players have to complete.


The challenge in question is part of the week 5 challenges and requires players to use three different rift portals. Rifts aren’t found at any specific part of the map, meaning players have to do a bit of searching if they hope to find one. Of course, when rifts were temporarily removed by Epic, players couldn’t find any on the map, and so if they hadn’t completed this challenge already, they were completely unable to do so.

Some fans may have been inconvenienced by Epic removing rifts from Fortnite, but others may be used to Epic temporarily disabling features in the game. Whenever Epic discovers a bug tied to a specific feature in Fortnite, it’s quick to remove that feature until the bug can be fixed. For example, before rifts were removed, Epic took vehicles out while it worked on a bug associated with them.

Moving forward, fans can expect Epic to continue removing game features from Fortnite to fix problems, even if those features are required to complete challenges in the game. However, fans can also expect Epic to add the features back in a timely manner.

Fortnite is in early access on iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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