Get a two-pack of GateKeeper 2.5 smart PC keys for just $60

There seems to be a new, high-profile cyber attack making the news every week, often at the expense of a large population of users. Unfortunately, there’s not much that can be done on a personal level when it comes to the security of big companies, but you can take personal PC security into your own hands.

Instead of relying on a password to log into your PC, why not carry a key around with you? The GateKeeper 2.5 PC lock is a small device — no larger than a USB thumb drive — that can clip onto your keychain or belt. When in Bluetooth range of your PC, software will automatically unlock it and log you in. The range can be set manually to ensure you get the protection you need.

Right now, Windows Central Digital Offers has a deal on a two-pack of GateKeeper smart keys. Instead of paying the usual price of about $120, you’ll pay just $60. That’s 50 percent off! This smart key uses 256-bit encryption to ensure your credentials remain secure, all contained in a small, minimalist piece of hardware that doesn’t stand out.

This two-pack of GateKeeper smart keys is now 50% off! Learn more

If you want to add another layer of security to your PC, the GateKeeper smart key is a solid option. At this price, for two keys, you really can’t go wrong.

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