Get your Microsoft and Windows questions answered in our AskDan video series

A few years ago we started #AskDanWindows. While I still answer individual questions on Twitter, jump into comments on stories, and even hit Reddit to engage with our audience, I figured it’d be better to record and share my thoughts on YouTube so everyone who wants to can benefit.

The problem was consistency on our part, with sporadic videos every few weeks (or months). Starting in mid-2017, we decided to make the #AskDanWindows series run weekly, but with a shorter format. So far, we have kept to that schedule (except for a holiday or two)! And we’ve really got some good momentum going.

You provide the questions I answer, and therefore the content, so it’s important we get the best of the best. So jump into the AskDan forums and inquire about a variety of topics. Please. And I’ll do my best to answer those questions.

The goal is to pick three questions each week that have broad audience appeal (so don’t ask how I can fix a problem with your computer.)

Visit the AskDan forums at Windows Central

Anyway, jump in, discuss all things Microsoft, Windows 10, laptops, gaming, mixed reality, or whatever else is on your mind. This is not just about me, either, because we have some very authoritative forum members who can often add insight of their own.

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