God of War Release Date Coming Soon, Says Sony Producer

There’s no question that Santa Monica Studio’s forthcoming God of War is considered by many to be one of the most exciting PS4 exclusive games in 2018, but fans are still somewhat in the dark as to when the next entry in the epic series will actually launch. Thankfully, it looks as if an announcement regarding the release date could be imminent–that is, if comments from Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan and Asia Localization Producer Chris Ashimine are anything to go by.

According to a recent New Year group interview with Weekly Famitsu that involved Ashimine and several other developers, the Sony producer promised that Japanese audiences will receive a high-quality localization for God of War, and then went on to mention that the team will likely be able to announce the release date soon. Of course, Ashimine-san failed to provide an exact time frame as to when fans should expect it to happen.

While there’s still no concrete evidence of when God of War‘s launch will be, there has been loads of speculation about the game’s specific date of availability ever since it was originally revealed during Paris Games Week 2017 that it has a release window of early 2018. Ever since then, Santa Monica Studio has had plenty of opportunities to share a definitive date for GoW‘s release, but the developer has decided to take its time locking in an exact launch date.

The closest God of War fans have come to getting a plausible release date for the game was when a brief update to the game’s PlayStation Store page on PS4 claimed that it would go live on March 22, 2018. If nothing else, the leak at least aligns with the early 2018 window, but that still falls short of confirmation. So, taking all of this into consideration, we will simply have to wait until Sony and Santa Monica Studio let us all know when God of War hits store shelves. Hopefully, Ashimine is right and it will be sooner rather than later.

God of War is currently set for release sometime in early 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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