God of War Video Highlights Exploration In Game World

Sony’s anticipated modern title in the God of War series is a change of direction, bringing a brand new setting and genre to the franchise. Launching in April, the PlayStation-exclusive title will feature Norse Mythology and the introduction of Kratos’ son, named Atreus.

Yesterday, Sony released a walkthrough-style episode for its “PS Underground” show, which the exploration section of God of War‘s large world. While presenting a battle showing Kratos fighting a large troll, the developers take time to reflect on the multiple ways to damage the boss, and how strategy plays an important role in taking down an imposing enemy like this. After defeating the troll – who apparently speaks a “unique language that [Kratos understands]” – the developers move on to talk about collecting loot during exploration.

“[It’s a] really fresh and exciting take on a classic PlayStation IP,” one of the presenters mention while talking about the change in combat and aesthetic from previous installments. Kratos’ backstory involves betrayal from “many different villages and cities,” but whether players can visit these areas is not clear yet.

However, while exploring, there is a large variety of chest types and puzzles you can discover in order to collect more loot and equipment for Kratos – featuring potential when used alongside the lack of loading screens and the amount of locations, while are accompanied by a familiar re-introduction of climbing (a feature known within the series for the “epic climbing sequences”).

The in-game camera is a lot closer to Kratos than previous installments, even vibrating and moving around during combat to add further immersion, and the game also adds a new “robust loot system” not seen before. “You see a different side of God of War with this game,” mentions one presenter, describing the environment and revamp of technicalities such as the camera angle and movement system. The game is also “riddled” with references, homages, and clues for fans on previous games in the series by creative director Cory Barlog.

The massive changes to the series might come as good news, depicting how Sony is willing to semi-reboot the franchise and create a title that isn’t just an updated version of previous installments. Exploring topics such as Kratos’ son, Norse Mythology, and a whole new time period should make God Of War feel like an entirely new IP, while also showing its roots for the fans who have been following it for so long.

God of War is set to release on April 20, 2018, exclusive to PlayStation 4.

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