Google Assistant Can Troubleshoot The Pixel 2 & Pixel XL 2

Google has baked-in troubleshooting and diagnostics for Google Assistant

What’s the best kind of product on the market? The kind which fixes itself, of course!

You’ve perhaps heard by now that although the Pixel 2 and Pixel XL 2 are doing quite well in reviews, a fair few consumers who’ve actually bought them have been having issues with their devices. Google’s solution, well…one solution (they can’t guarantee it’ll solve ALL problems), is to build troubelshooting support for both devices directly in Google Assistant; the AI software both phones are pre-loaded with.

A post on Android Police reveals that a user stumbled across this feature by asking Google Assistant “why is my phone not charging to 100%?”

Interestingly, the response was “I can help you with your phone’s battery. Is it okay if I check a few things?”

It then went off and ran some analysis, concuding that battery health was ok and there weren’t any apps draining the charge. Some follow up questions eventually lead to Google Assistant not being able to fix the issue, but it then put the user in touch with Google’s support team.

Of course the concept of a device fixing itself isn’t entirely new, as this has been present on Windows PCs for some time and, just as here, a lot of the time after a quick analysis the diagnostics can’t really do much to fix more serious problems. But with that said, it’s still a good feature to have, if only for solving minor problems that might still be out of the scope of some less tech-savvy users.

At present it’s thought this feature is exclusive to the Pixel 2 series.

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