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The world of Harry Potter: Hogwart’s Mystery may be about gaining knowledge, earning house points, and making friends; but that doesn’t mean things won’t get a little violent from time to time. Wizard and witch dueling is a staple of the wizarding world and the elegant form of battle has made its way into Harry Potter: Hogwart’s Mystery, as well.

Dueling isn’t an incredibly complicated system in Hogwart’s Mystery, but there are a few basics that are important to understand. The system boils down to a variation of rock paper scissors, so here is everything you need to know to master it…

The player character makes a few enemies throughout the adventure and members of the rival houses will likely want to step up and demand a challenge. When this happens, players are offered the option to duel. Before accepting the duel, it’s very important to decide if your character has the attributes to stand a chance.

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Much like deciding when to strengthen friendships, players will also need to meet minimum attributes before entering into a duel. To identify a character that wants to duel the player, look for an icon next to them that looks like two crossed wands.

Once the duel has started, player have three choices; sneak attack, aggressive attack, or defend. This is where the rock paper scissors game mechanics come into play…

Sneaky beats Defensive
Aggressive beats Sneaky
Defensive beats Aggressive

Players will need to select an action that properly counters the opponent’s move if they want to win the duel. So be ready to think fast.

That’s all there is to it! Like most mechanics in Hogwart’s Mystery, there isn’t a ton of depth to this system. Perhaps the game will follow a similar approach to Pokemon GO’s and build out the systems in more detail after launch.

Good luck out there, wizards and witches!

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available now for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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