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New details regarding Fallout 76‘s current plans for PvP have been shared by Todd Howard. In an effort to protect new players and help them get their bearings before facing the brutal realities of a post-apocalypse multiplayer world, Fallout 76 will prevent PvP deaths at low levels. Howard does clarify that this is just how gameplay currently works and that it may change come launch in November.

Speaking with, Todd Howard touched on a variety of subjects including fast travel and players’ ability to trade and sell weapons, items, and materials. But it’s the PvP elements of Fallout 76 that continue to be of particular intrigue and interest. After all, Fallout 76 is a multiplayer game first and foremost; its elements of competitive and cooperative gameplay will define it.

Howard explains the idea of limiting PvP – fighting other players – specifically over worries about toxic gameplay. The question he’s asked is about spawn killing and the idea of griefing, where players can act beyond the intent of PvP to harass and ruin other players’ experiences. Howard says setting a PvP limit at level 5, specifically, detracts players from the worst kinds of griefing. But ultimately he believes Bethesda wants players to have as much freedom as possible.

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It’s curious to hear Todd Howard break down specific details regarding the functionality of multiplayer, like a level 5 requirement for PvP, while so much remains to be explained from a broader perspective. The leveling system, which will allow players to branch into different class-like focuses remains quite the mystery. And how much PvP is actually ingrained into the experience remains unclear, too. After all, if Fallout 76 doesn’t actively encourage PvP with rewards and punishments then worries about griefing aren’t as substantial.

Fallout 76‘s eventual multi-wave beta will put to rest most if not all of the questions fans have. Bethesda plans to do multiple betas, slowly opening up more and more content from the game before its eventual launch. What better way to figure out the extent of PvP than to experience it yourself?

Fallout 76 releases on November 14 for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.


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