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Much like the previous titles developed by From Software, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is filled with challenging bosses and encounters that will put player skill to the test. While the combat in Sekiro shares some similarity to Dark Souls and Bloodborne, if players try to take down hard enemies like they did in previous games, they will likely be met with a swift death. One of the hardest bosses near the beginning of the game is the Chained Ogre, which players will need to be careful fighting if they want to walk away alive and unlock Sekiro Hard Mode.

The Chained Ogre fight is close to the start of the game, so for those wondering how long is Sekirothey will have plenty more to find after taking down this boss. The Ogre is located in the Ashina Outskirts, just beyond the Outskirts Wall. Eavesdropping on some guards will clue players in on a hint to beating the Ogre, that it is afraid of fire.

Flame Breathing Barrel Shinobi Prosthetic

With that in mind, players should unlock the Flame Breathing Barrel to upgrade the Shinobi Prosthetic. It can be found by speaking to a woman in a scorched building in the Ashina Outskirts. She will offer the players a bell that will need to be offered to the Buddha statue. This will unlock the Hirata Estate. Once at the Estate, seek out the large bonfire, which is home to the attachment needed.

This attachment will deal major damage to the Ogre, making the fight significantly easier. However, the attachment is not required to beat the fight. Regardless of if players have the attachment or not, they will want to be wary of the Ogre’s powerful grapple attacks, which cannot be deflected. Players will also want to use the grapple to help stun the Ogre for easy damage. If players struggled with this boss fight, they may have even more difficulty learning how to beat Lady Butterfly further into the game.

sekiro shadows die twice chained ogre boss guide

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice seems to be a big hit with many fans, already putting itself into contention for Game of the Year. This new take on the SoulsBorne games brings that punishing combat that fans have come to love and mixed it up with a ton of new gameplay mechanics. Hopefully From Software has more plans for this interesting new IP in the near future.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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