How to Do Massive Damage to Sleeping Monsters

Monster Hunter World is all about humungous boss battles that push players to their limits and really test their skills. But what if those battles need to be completed quickly per the terms of a quest? And what if players have already taken down the enemy and don’t want to go through all of that a second time? Thankfully, attacking monsters when they’re sleeping can be an efficient way of taking them down.

As detailed by Monster Hunter World player and YouTuber Mtashed in the video below, players can get a significant damage bonus by attacking monsters when they’re sleeping. Mtashed is able to deal over twice as much damage by attacking Rathalos when it’s sleeping than when it is awake.

To maximize this damage, players will want to use as many barrel bombs as possible. Moreover, by placing barrel bombs next to the monster’s tail or horn, players can deal burst damage to those areas, helping to break those specific monster parts. This can lead to better rewards, which is what a lot of Monster Hunter World is about.

Additional tips include putting the enemy to sleep with drugged meat or a sleep weapon because players will still get the sleep damage bonus if they themselves have made the monster take a nap.  Players should consider monster weaknesses, the chance of getting a critical hit with their weapons, and whether they are using a might seed/demondrug because these can all maximize damage too. Naturally, teams of Monster Hunter World players should also coordinate and figure out who is going to wake the monster from its slumber; it’s important that the player with the highest damage dealing weapon does so since detonating the bombs is a free hit.

The sleeping monster attack bonuses are not the only methods that players are employing to take down monsters quickly. Another YouTuber by the name of Amulet was able to take down the Nergigante in under a minute by ensuring that the armor they had equipped complimented the weapon that they used. With so many critical hits, the monster had absolutely no chance and didn’t really pose much of a challenge.

Monster Hunter World players will also want to consider the best food to eat before a hunt because this can provide a significant buff to a character’s abilities too. The biggest battles in the game are rarely easy, but putting these tips into place should help players make light work of their opponents.

Monster Hunter: World is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release set for later this year.

Source: Mtashed – YouTube

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