How to Download the Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Multiplayer Mod

How to Download the Elder Scrolls 3 – Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls franchise has always had a special relationship with the modding community. What started as a handful of fans expressing their passion for games like Morrowind has quickly evolved into one of gaming’s largest modding playerbases, with enough content to form an impressive list of the best Skyrim mods since its release. Interestingly enough, however, fans really haven’t forgotten about how groundbreaking Morrowind was during its time, as experienced and skilled modders have continued to work tirelessly to improve the game that launched The Elder Scrolls series into the gaming stratosphere.

While Morrowind content has already made the leap to an online setting thanks to The Elder Scrolls Online‘s latest expansion, the modding group “TES3MP” has finally released their most anticipated addition to the original game – functional multiplayer. Many modding teams have tried to implement this feature in the past, but all of them ran into the same issue, as NPC sync was nearly impossible to code. NPC sync refers to getting NPCs to appear for each player and behave as intended, and it’s only something that the TES3MP team recently managed to figure out.

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The mod still has its problems, which the team is quick to admit, but it’s also the most significant step toward real Morrowind multiplayer that has ever been made. For that reason alone, it’s worth downloading the mod to check it out and experience it with all the other players who are excited to try it out and make it even better. Here’s where and how to download what could arguably be the biggest mod in Morrowind history.

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Download the Multiplayer Mod

First thing’s first – players need to actually download the file they’ll need to enable Morrowind multiplayer. Just follow the link here and download the .zip file.

Install OpenMW

OpenMW, which stands for Open Morrowind, is a free open-source and modern engine that is based on the one that runs behind the scenes in the original 2002 version of Morrowind. It’s a staple of the modding community because of its flexibility, and comes with features like an editor to create original games alongside customizable GUI and high scalability. The new Morrowind multiplayer mod doesn’t necessarily require it, but it is highly recommended that new users do so, as OpenMW is a staple of Morrowind‘s still-popular modding scene.

If OpenMW is Installed

If players already have OpenMW, they need only download the tes3mp file and unzip the folder to a destination of their choice. OpenMW will locate it, the game will load, and players will be able to enjoy the new multiplayer features right away.

If OpenMW is Not Installed

If OpenMW is not installed, players still have a relatively simple option to gain access to the multiplayer mod. Players should run Morrowind‘s launcher wizard and point it in the direction of the morrowind.esm.

Running a Morrowind Multiplayer Server

After installation, players will need to start their own server by running tes3mp-server.exe. Essentially, players will need to open a port so other players can join, or use the aforementioned .exe file to join a pre-existing server by selecting from the servers that are already available. Servers can be private or password protected, and can also indicate exactly what mods are required to join – a handy list will appear when a player selects each server showing what they will need to download to be able to play properly on that server. Admins even have the ability to disable console use for the entire server or specific players, giving server owners a lot of control over how their Morrowind multiplayer experience will go.

That’s how to download Morrowind‘s new and exciting multiplayer mod. While the mod still has a number of bugs and will likely have even more as a huge influx of players begin to attempt to use it, it’s an incredible step forward for a game that is over a decade-and-a-half old and is well worth the look.

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind‘s multiplayer mod is available now for PC.

Source: Steam

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