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Spyro: Reignited Trilogy is out now, and it includes completely remade versions of the first three Spyro games. These remakes mostly consist of graphical upgrades, but the Spyro the Dragon remake adds Skill Points to the mix, a feature that was originally introduced as part of Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage during the days of the PS1.

Skill Points are special challenges players can complete to unlock concept art in Spyro: Reignited Trilogy. Some of the Skill Points are straightforward, but others may leave players stumped. Here are all the Skill Points in Spyro the Dragon, and how to unlock each and every one of them.

Artisans: Reach Tricky Platform

The first Skill Point can be earned at the very start of the game, and it’s required for anyone trying to get all of the gems in the level. There is a platform here that is raised too high for Spyro to jump onto, and not far from it is a hill with some enemies on it. Kill the enemies and then climb to the top of the hill, using it to glide over to the raised platform.

Stone Hill: Burn the Hidden Pink Tulip

spyro the dragon hidden pink tulip stone hill artisans world

From the start of the Stone Hill level, take a right and head to the next area over. Use the magic vortex here to get to the top of the tower, and then glide over to the outer grassy area. Now go to the top of the entrance, and the hidden pink tulip should be visible on the right-hand side. Approach it and burn it to earn the Skill Point.

Town Square: All Bulls Stuck

To get bulls stuck in Spyro the Dragon, charge into them head-first. Do this with all the bulls in the level, and be careful not to burn them. While it’s possible that the Skill Point will still be unlocked if Spyro kills a bull that’s been stuck, it’s better not to risk it.

Peacekeepers: Scare 6 Gnorcs Into Tents

One of the most famous scenes from the first Spyro the Dragon is the gnorcs that hide in a tent and then moon Spyro when he burns down their shelter. To get the Gnorcs in the Peacekeepers world into the tents, Spyro typically needs to kill an enemy in front of them. Usually one member of their group is walking ahead of the others, making him perfect to take out and scare everyone else into their tents. There should be two groups of these gnorcs in the level for Spyro to scare, so it shouldn’t be too hard to scare six of them.

Dr. Shemp: Perfect

Dr. Shemp is the boss for the Peacekeepers level, and the challenge here is to beat him without taking any damage (from Dr. Shemp specifically – taking damage elsewhere in the level is fine). Luckily, the boss fight against Dr. Shemp isn’t all that difficult if players know his pattern. On the first platform, he will just waddle up to Spyro and try to whack him with his staff, and his metal armor will make him invincible from the front. While Dr. Shemp is in his attack animation, go behind him and shoot fire at his exposed rear.

Dr. Shemp will change things up for his second attack, spinning around first before hitting Spyro with the staff. As soon as Shemp starts spinning, he will once again expose his vulnerable backside, so blast it with some more fire. Dr. Shemp’s final attack will see him swing his staff along the ground in a circle, so jump over it and shoot him with fire for a third time to finish the fight.

High Caves: Burn Hidden Painting

There is a point in the High Caves level where players will encounter two green druids moving large pillars back and forth in a rhythmic fashion. By timing their jump and glide properly, players will be able to make it across the platforms and through a window, landing in a room. Upon reaching this room, the painting they will need to burn can be spotted on the wall.

Blowhard: Ride A Druid Platform For 10 Seconds

Before players reach the Blowhard boss, they will go through a cave-like area where druids are moving stone platforms. Simply jump on one of these platforms and hang out until the Skill Point is unlocked.

Terrace Village: No Electric Floor Damage

Throughout this entire level are dangerous electrified floors that are activated by gnorcs equipped with electric rods. These gnorcs have a predictable attack pattern of stabbing their rods into the ground, shocking themselves, and recovering. Players should wait until just after the gnorcs are done electrifying the floor, and then glide over and quickly burn them. Alternatively, a charge from Spyro should also do the trick as long as players are careful not to miss them.

Metalhead: Perfect

Like the Dr. Shemp boss battle, players have to beat Metalhead without taking damage, which isn’t too hard as long as they’re patient.

Dream Weavers: Secret Room

Near the Icy Flight level in the Dream Weavers hub world is a doorway that appears to be blocked by a stone wall. As it turns out, Spyro can walk through this wall, GoldenEye 007-style, and collect the orb inside to get yet another Skill Point.

Haunted Towers: Burn Blue Wizard Hat

Play through the level until reaching the stone steps. At the top of the steps, look to Spyro’s left to see a roof with the hidden blue wizard hat sitting on top of it. Charge for a running start, jump, and then start gliding at the height of the jump to reach the roof. Burn the hat to earn the skill point.

Lofty Castle: Destroy Hidden Stump

On the stone platform right before reaching the final set of islands, players should instead glide to the grassy archway on their right, where a full grown tree can be found. Glide over to the next archway, above the checkpoint where a dragon statue once was, and there will be another tree. The stump is on the next platform over, so get to it and then ram it with Spyro’s horns to destroy it.

Jacques: Perfect

Jacques will throw one present at a time at Spyro, which can be dodged fairly easily. He will retreat when Spyro gets close, eventually ending up at a box. Once he gets to the box, Spyro can nail him with fire to deal damage. Do this a total of three times and Jacques will be vanquished with minimal headache.

Gnasty Gnorc: Perfect

Gnasty Gnorc is the final boss in Spyro the Dragon, but he is arguably one of the easiest bosses in the game. Considering this, players should be able to get a perfect on his stage without too much trouble; they just need to chase him down, blast him with fire when he stops, and avoid his occasional attack.

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy is out now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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