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Capcom has made good on its promise to include Sakura’s outfit in Monster Hunter World, as players have been able to earn her outfit since May 3rd. The event will run up to the 10th of May, giving players only four more days to complete the challenges and craft this Street Fighter persona.

Sakura’s armor set is the next in Capcom’s long line of IP inspired outfits. Fans recently had the opportunity to earn a Dante armor set from the Devil May Cry series, and before that, a Ryu costume was also available. A guide is available courtesy of Arrekz Gaming, and since there are only a few more days to earn Sakura’s attire, gamers will need to hop on soon to acquire it before time runs out.

Once in Monster Hunter World, players will need to visit the gathering hub and speak with the Arena lass. There, players will find the mission under Challenge Quest, titled Empress in Full Bloom where they will battle a Pink Rathian. There are 3 different versions of the HR12 quest, but each one yields the same results. Notably, each version of the quest will have different set loadouts, requiring the player to adhere to presets and limit their potion use.

The battle will reward players with either 3 SFV Ticket II if they achieved A rank, 2 for B rank, and 1 for C rank. Hunters will need 4 total to craft Sakura’s armor set, which will then need to be worn in its entirety without interchangeable armor, similar to Ryu’s armor. The rest of the crafting items include:

  • 4 Hunter king coins
  • 4 Pink Rathian coins
  • 6 Pink Rathian scale+

Players will then need to head over to Smithy and forge the equipment. The armor’s signature ability is that it extends poison duration on monsters, which will come in handy.

This is exciting for Street Fighter fans and those who appreciate a good challenge. Capcom has been continuing its inclusion of new armors and doesn’t seem to be slowing down soon with its nostalgia-inspired offers. Players were also recently able to outfit their Palico in a retro Mega Man costume, which means new events might include different looks for player’s companions

Monster Hunter: World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One.

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