How To Install Android WhatsApp On Blackberry Z10, Z3 And Z30

How To Install Android WhatsApp On Blackberry – his is really very shocking and unfortunate that after Facebook, WhatsApp have also announced to discontinue to support the BlackBerry OS 10 powered devices which include BlackBerry Z series BlackBerry Z 3, BlackBerry Z 10 and BlackBerry Z 30 and BlackBerry Q series Blackberry Q5 and BlackBerry Q10 from 31st December 2016 now extended the support until 30th June 2017 from 31st December 2016 31st December 2017.

Now the WhatsApp is requesting their users on BlackBerry OS 10 series based devices to switch to a different supported device like smartphones running Android minimum 2.3.6 version or Apple iPhone which may not be possible for most of the BlackBerry users to afford or to switch to a genuinely different OS.
Almost all the users who are using WhatsApp Messenger on their BlackBerry OS 10 based devices are getting the following notice :Unfortunately, after 31st Dec 201630 Jun 201731 December 2017 you won’t be able to use WhatsApp on this phone as WhatsApp will no longer support it.

So, what’s the solution to them? Can they still use WhatsApp after 31st December 201630 June 2017? Will blackberry Z series and Q series support Whatsapp after 30 June 2017? The answer is Yes! They can still use the WhatsApp on their BlackBerry Z10, Z3, Z30, Q5 and Q10, but now the question is How? Since the WhatsApp is going to discontinue the support to BlackBerry OS10 series devices.

Well, as most you might be aware that BlackBerry OS 10 series devices are capable of running apps builds for Android Operating System, but the problem is even though it supports Android apps. But still, you won’t be able to install most of the essential apps which include the WhatsApp as well due to some bugs in BlackBerry OS 10 that you can fix and can install the Android WhatsApp in BlackBerry OS 10 based devices and that’s without any problem.

How to Fix the Bug?

To fix the bug and to enable the support of Android version of WhatsApp, you need to download and install the “BlackBerry Runtime for Android Applications” app available on BlackBerry App World. It was developed by the BlackBerry Engineers to fix some severe bugs in running and installing apps build for Android Operating System on the BlackBerry OS 10 series based devices.

Once you have downloaded and installed the “BlackBerry Runtime for Android Applications” from the BlackBerry App World, you can continue with next step which is downloading and installing the latest Android WhatsApp on your BlackBerry OS 10 based device.