How to Recover Windows Administrator Login Password (Local & Online)

All users are upgrading their PC OS to windows 10. Undoubtedly, It will be mostly used windows within next 1 or 2 years. This is more user friendly and secured windows ever. So, If a third person wants to recover windows 10 administrator login password, It won’t be a simple task. But, If you forget your login password and you are the owner of the computer, You can easily reset it.

Windows 10 administrator user login password forgotten

Windows 10, 8.1 and 8 has two types of user accounts. Online and local. Online account remains connected with microsoft account. It syncs settings, personal files and data like google/microsoft/apple accounts do in smartphone. So, Resetting an online account is very simple. But, When your administrator account in windows 10 is a local account, It will not be so easy to recover. Anyway, In this article, You will get some instructions that may help you to recover windows administrator login password, even if you are using windows 8.1, 8 or 7 too.

Recover Windows Administrator Login Password If Forgotten /  Lost:

Resetting an administrator account connected with Microsoft and recovering an offline admin account password both are not so hard. You won’t have to be a hacker. It can be done by following different tactics.

Steps to Reset Windows 10 Administrator Login Password Online:

Windows 7 users can skip this method. Because, It is only valid for windows 10. You can reset an online account password very simply like resetting an email account password. If you forget your windows 10 administrator login credentials, You can simply reset your microsoft account password and try to login with the new password. Here are the instructions.

  • First of all, You should make user that your PC / laptop is connected with internet. If you don’t know how to do it, Simply click on the Network / Wi-Fi / Airplane icon in login screen and connect with any network.

windows 10 login screen connected wifi

  • Now, From another device, Go to reset password page.
  • Choose I forgo my password  and click on Next.

recovering microsoft account password

  • Now, Enter your email address and click on Next.
  • Then, Choose your preferred method how you want to reset your microsoft account password and follow onscreen instructions.
  • After resetting, Login windows 10 administrator account with new password.
  • Done.

How to Recover Windows Local Administrator Account Password:

Okay. Previous method was really simple. But, Situation challenges you badly when you lost administrator password which is not connected Microsoft account. You will face same challenge, If you can’t connect your PC with internet. But, You can simply deal with it. You won’t have to reinstall or reset windows. Simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Replace Utility Manager with Command Prompt

First of all, You need a bootable windows 10 USB drive or DVD. Don’t worry. You won’t have to re-install windows. You will just need to follow these things.

  • At first, Insert that bootable media in your PC.
  • Restart your PC and press F12 to choose selective boot. For some PCs, You may have to press F8 or anything else.
  • Now, Choose boot from USB storage or DVD or anything like that. It depends on which bootable media you have inserted.
  • Anyway, Now, Wait until setup windows comes up.
  • In setup window, You can press SHIFT + F10 to start command prompt. If it doesn’t work, Click on Repair and go to Troubleshoot > Command Prompt.
  • In command prompt, Type regedit and hit Enter. It will open registry editor.
  • From there, Select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Then click on File from the menu and choose Load Hive.

  • This will open new window like windows file explorer. From there, Go to the local disk where windows is installed. Typically, It should be local disk D or E. In that window, Local disk C is system reserved drive.

Opening command windows here

  • Now, Right click on black area and choose Open Command Window Here.
  • After doing it, Run the following commands.

cd windowssystem32

ren utilman.exe utilman.exe.old

copy cmd.exe utilman.exe

  • Now, Close everything, disconnect bootable media and restart windows.

Step 2: Activate Secret Admin

As you have forgot your admin account password, You will have to create another admin account to reset forgotten windows administrator password. So, Here are the steps that can help you with that.

  • In your login screen, Click on Ease of Access / Utility button. It will open command prompt instead of correct tool.

ease of access button windows 10

net user administrator /active:yes

  • Now, Restart your PC. You should a new user name: Administrator in login screen. Just select it and click on sign in.

Note: If you also have lost access to this secret admin, You will have to create another administrator account by running some commands. Read: How to Create Admin User Account by Command Prompt.

Step 3: Reset Your User Account Password

After enabling hidden administrator account, It’s time to recover the forgotten admin user password. Here the things to follow.

  • You should be in desktop successfully. Now, Press Win + X from keyboard and choose Computer Management.

resetting windows 10 user login password

  • From there, Navigate to System Tools > Local Users and Groups >Users.
  • Now, You should see a list of users of your computer. Just right click on the desired username and choose Set password. You may get a warning message. In that case, Click on Proceed.
  • Now, Set new password according to your preferences by following onscreen instructions.

These are the two widely used methods to reset or recover windows administrator login password.

Note: After resetting password, You should undo changes that you did with cmd.exe and utilman.exe.

Use Third-Party Tools to Reset Admin User Password of Windows:

I always recommend you to follow the manual methods. But, If you think these are too much complex, You can try alternative method. There are plenty of software available which can help you to recover windows administrator login password. Unfortunately, Most of them are premium. So, You will have to spend a few bucks. For that type of softwares, Here are the common instructions.

  • First of, Install admin password recovery software in a different computer.
  • Make a USB pen-drive bootable with that software. For more details, You can visit their website.
  • After doing it, Insert the bootable media in your affected PC and follow onscreen instructions.

So, These are the possible best ways to recover windows administrator login password. You let me know which one works for you.

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