How to Run Any App in Windows Login Screen

All of you know about login screen of windows. So, I won’t have to describe it. Login screen and lock screen both are same. Sometimes, You may feel necessity of running any small app in lock screen. Normally, Microsoft allows you to use Ease of Access tool there. You also can configure some apps to show notifications in lock / login screen. Probably, You are not happy with this limited ability. That’s why you may want ability to run any app in windows login screen.

running notepad in login screen of windows 10

Normally, There is no preset tools to do it. So, You won’t find any relevant options in windows. But, If you can play a simple trick, You can run desired app in windows 10 login screen. Trust me. This is not rocket science. Anyone can try this. The same method for windows 10 will work on windows 8.1, 8 and 7 too.

How to Run Any App in Windows Login Screen:

You can do this by following two ways. But, Both are similar. You can simply hijack utilman.exe. I mean the Ease of Access button. Anyway, Here are the methods.

1. Replace Utilman.exe with the App You Want to Run in Windows Lock Screen:

If you can replace utilman.exe with another app’s .exe file, Ease of access button in login screen will open that app. But, At first, You will have to decide which app you want to open in login screen. Suppose, You want to run Notepad in lock screen. In that case, You can just take a backup of utilman.exe by renaming it to utilman.exe.bak. Then, Simply copy notepad.exe and paste it as utilman.exe. To do it, You will have to go to C:/windows/system32/ folder. There, You can do it simply from the file explorer. After that you can easily run command prompt in windows login screen by clicking on ease of access button. Here are full instructions.

The full process can be done from file explorer. I recommend using command prompt. Because, It will make you feel comfortable to do it. Anyway, Let’s do it.

  • At first, Open Command prompt as administrator. You can simply press Win + X from keyboard and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Now, Run the following commands

ren utilman.exe utilman.exe.bak

copy notepad.exe utilman.exe

  • After doing it, Just got login screen by signing out.
  • Now, Just click on Easy of Access button. This will open Notepad instead of original app.

ease of access button windows 10 login screen

By following these things, You can easily run any apps in windows login screen. But, If you want to reverse the changes you have made, Just delete the ultiman.exe and rename the utliman.exe.bak to ultiman.exe.

There is another method to set any app in lock screen. Let’s know about it.

2. Run Any App in Windows Login Screen by Tweaking Registry Settings:

If you don’t like the first method, You can follow this one. This is also very much easy. If you are a power user, You should know what windows registry is. This is like a database of windows. In fact you can change so many things by adding / deleting registry entries. You can easily run any app in windows login screen by adding a simple entry in registry editor.

Adding a simple key in registry editor can change the whole things in lock screen. Here are details:

  • To run any app in windows login screen, At first, You will need to open registry editor. You can press Win + R, Type regedit and press Enter to do it.
  • Now, Navigate to the following location.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionImage File Execution Options

  • Then, Right click on the Image File Execution Options and choose New > Key.
  • Give the key name as Utilman.exe.

creating registry key to run any programs in windows lock screen

  • Now, Right click on the newly created key and choose New > String Value.
  • Give its name as Debugger.
  • After that, Double click on debugger  and give it the following value.


  • In fact, You can give any value according to your preference. For example, If you want to run command prompt in lock screen, Set debugger value as C:WindowsSystem32cmd.exe
  • Anyway, Now, Go to lock screen and click on ease of access button. It should open the app that you have set in registry.

By this way, You can easily open any app in windows login screen. If you want to get back your ease of access button in correct stat, Just delete the newly created key file from registry.

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