How to use a Wi-Fi dongle to connect Synology DS119j NAS wirelessly

Using LAN cabling is the ideal solution for hooking up devices to your routers and access points. When this simply isn’t possible, Synology makes it so you can use a Wi-Fi dongle with the DS119j NAS. I’m going to show you how to achieve this with but a few steps to follow.

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How to connect your NAS to Wi-Fi

  1. Firstly, check your dongle is supported.
  2. Plug your Wi-Fi dongle into an available USB port.

  3. If using a supported dongle, head to Control Panel > Wireless > Network Map Configuration.
  4. Choose Join Wireless Network.
  5. Follow the on-screen wizard, filling in your LAN password.

Your NAS should now be connected to the wireless network. Interestingly, if you want to be a little more advanced, the Synology DS119j can even act as an access point for devices to connect to it directly with specific and supported Wi-Fi dongles.

Our top equipment picks

Synology’s latest affordable NAS is the DS119j, sporting just a single drive bay. While I’d usually recommend a two-bay NAS at the very least for RAID configurations and data redundancy, if you’re only using the NAS as an additional backup location, the DS119j is ideal.

TP-Link produces some solid, reliable wireless components and the TL-WN722N is an excellent solution for a Synology NAS. The NAS company has a list of supported dongles that work fine with its range of NAS models and DSM OS, and this adapter happens to be on that list.

This setup will work just fine in transferring files between devices — just don’t expect to go all out and stream to multiple devices simultaneously.

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