I Am Setsuna 20% Off Steam Deal for Launch Week

I Am Setsuna

Today Square Enix’s I Am Setsuna went live on Steam for $39.99. For those unaware of the game, you can check out the GameRant review here. If you’re on the fence or just don’t like paying full price on PC games, the newest JRPG is available at GMG, where a 20% off price break can be had for just logging in. Create a new account or login to see the $8 discount.

If you’ve been a customer at GMG in the past you would know that GMG’s standard procedure was to use coupon codes to discount games. GMG’s new Modus Operandi is to ditch coupon codes in favor for instant savings, though at times the best discounts will only show up if you login. (Much like how select online retailers requires you to add the item to cart to see the discounted price, thereby circumventing manufacturer advertised list price rules).

However, this means some games you could reliably net 20% off are no longer 20% off since the savings isn’t universal for all games on their site. Luckily in this case though, I Am Setsuna is on the list of games with an instant discount, and thankfully the deal has persisted through release week.

It’s a little early in the review department, but so far Square Enix’s latest is doing well from critics. Steam user reviews are another story as it appears controller support is broken upon release, thus mixed user reviews are abound on Steam for gamers who use gamepads on the PC.  Gamers that opt to use keyboard only are offering rave reviews. Here’s hoping Tokyo RPG Factory address the controller issues ASAP.

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