iPhone 9 release date, rumours, specs: Pared-down but affordable?

Word on the street is that the iPhone 9 is set to be a more reasonably priced iPhone in the wake of dwindling iPhone X sales, which retails for a steep £999. Whether or not it’ll be dubbed the iPhone 9 is anyone’s guess, but given that Apple shrouds its products in mystery until launch date, we’re going to dub its upcoming affordable phone the iPhone 9 (for the time being at least).

This isn’t to say that Apple won’t be unveiling a top-of-the-range phone – the iPhone X of 2018, if you will – but that the iPhone 9 will most likely be released alongside it, to placate those for whom a £1k smartphone is a little out of budgetary reach (read: most people). If you’re on the hunt for a new iPhone but don’t want to remortgage your house, then keep your eyes peeled for the imminent arrival of the iPhone 9.

We’ve collated all you need to know about what the iPhone will be called, what it will look like, and how much it will cost. What’s more, we’ll be updating this page as and when more details roll in, so be sure to check back regularly.

iPhone 9: Everything you need to know

iPhone 9: Release date

Given Apple’s fairly reliable release schedule, we’re expecting the iPhone 9 to drop around September 2018. While this is all still speculation as of yet, it’s of the extremely reliable persuasion, given that Apple has rarely deviated from release schedules of yore.

Indeed, the company has, for the past six years, consistently announced and released a new iPhone (or two) at its keynote conference in September. It would certainly be an anomaly should this year’s model be a no-show, so we’re banking on some more loot from the company.

iPhone 9: Price

As we mentioned, it’s going to be affordable; this might even be its raison d’être. However, we recommend you take this with a pinch of salt – this is still Apple we’re talking about after all.

The biggest rumour regarding price so far comes from renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who, in a report picked up by MacRumors, suggested that the iPhone 9 will cost around $600 to $700 (that’s £450 to £530), a price point which would make it cheaper than the iPhone 8.

iPhone 9: Rumours

For the purpose of differentiation, it’s useful to note the distinction between the iPhone 9 and the iPhone XI (or 11). The former is billed as an affordable successor to the iPhone 8, whereas the latter is speculated to be the uber-premium follow-up to the iPhone X – the (cripplingly expensive) crème de la crème of smartphones.

Analyst Kuo also reckons that Apple’s iPhone 9 will sport a 6.1in LED screen, but will lack 3D touch, making it the first iPhone since the iPhone SE to lack the futuristic feature. Nonetheless, culling the handset of the 3D technology will no doubt go a long way in keeping prices nice and low.

This trend is all but confirmed in a research note obtained by MacRumors; Kuo reckons that the 6.1in iPhone 9 will keep the bells and whistles to a minimum, with a single-lens rear camera as opposed to a dual-lens camera, and a standard rectangular battery rather than an L-shaped one. The below render shows a purported first-glimpse of the pared-down 6.1in beauty.

Given how prone Apple is to secrecy, this largely amounts to speculation so far, with nothing set in stone. However, we will be updating this page as and when new details and rumours emerge, so be sure to check back in over the coming weeks for the latest on Apple’s iPhone 9.

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