iPhone X Battery Life Performance Gets RATED & TESTED

The first batch of iPhone X review units are out in the wild right now, so what’s the verdict on the handset’s battery life?

With its new, shiny OLED display, the iPhone X is a very different iPhone than most are used to. The high-resolution OLED display is the biggest and most detailed Apple has ever fitted inside an iPhone. But does it have any effect on battery?

The first batch of iPhone X reviews are starting to come in, and word on the street is very positive. This is always the case though, as Apple only ever gives early units to its darlings – i.e. those that won’t post anything negative.

Initial reviews for the iPhone X’s battery performance, however, all seem to agree that the iPhone X’s battery life is very decent, with most units making it through a full day’s worth of usage with about 20-30% left in the tank, which is definitely decent.

BuzzFeed has done the most detailed breakdown of the iPhone X’s battery life that I have seen so far. During this week-long battery test, the iPhone X consistently made it from 7 am to 12 am with between 20-30% left in the tank. And this was done with normal-to-heavy usage.

To be honest, I didn’t expect Apple to drop the ball in this respect. It’s Plus model iPhones have had great battery performance for a good few years now. The standard iPhone models, however, still pale in comparison to the competition, however, as you can see in my iPhone 8 review.

Still, given the overall battery performance of the Google Pixel 2 XL, LG V30, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 8, and Huawei Mate 10, battery life is no longer something that anyone brand can claim overall dominance in. Performance HAS to be good or else punters will simply look elsewhere.

And when you’re charging WAY ABOVE the normal price for a phone, locking down very good battery life is essential.

On a side note, I am consistently getting AWESOME battery life from my Google Pixel 2 XL. I didn’t charge it last night, for instance, and it still has around 30% left (it’s now 11 am), so, yeah, that’s very decent.

iPhone X Pre-Order: Pre-Order Through Your Carrier

Your final option is to try to pre-order the iPhone X through your carrier. Carrier supplies are likely to be even more constrained, but it’s worth a go if you badly want to get an iPhone X ASAP. We’ve provided links to UK carrier pre-order pages below.

  • EE iPhone X Pre-Order
  • Vodafone iPhone X Pre-Order
  • Carphone Warehouse iPhone X Pre-Order
  • O2 iPhone X Pre-Order
  • Three iPhone X Pre-Order
  • Virgin iPhone X Pre-Order
  • Tesco Mobile X iPhone Pre-Order

Good luck everyone!

The Best iPhone X Deals, Hand-Picked For You

For a HUGE selection of iPhone X deals, you have to check out Carphone Warehouse. It has a TON of offers for Apple’s new iPhone X – and plans to suit every budget.

iPhone X 64GB

  • O2 – Tariff: £49 Per Month, 10GB Data, £440 Upfront
  • O2 – Tariff: £49 Per Month, 5GB Data, £350 Upfront
  • EE – Tariff: £47.99 Per Month, 8GB Data, £450 Upfront
  • Vodafone – Tariff: £42 Per Month, 4GB Data, £490 Upfront

iPhone X 256GB

  • O2 – Tariff: £51 Per Month, 10GB Data, £550
  • O2 – Tariff: £44 Per Month, 5GB Data, £580

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