iPhone X vs Galaxy S9: who will make it to the final?

In our second semifinal, the current top models in the smartphone market will meet on the field. The Apple iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S9 now have a chance to make it to the final, and you get to decide who goes through.

Two defeats at the start of our World Smartphone Championships threw the iPhone X and the Galaxy S9 off course. In the losers’ bracket, these two flagships were both able to survive and made it to the semifinals. But now, it’s time for one of them to say goodbye.

Scene number 1

In our semifinal, it’s not just about the main camera, the front camera will also be in play. When it comes to selfies, the gap between smartphone cameras is very wide, and these two candidates are no exception. Which device performed better in our tests?


Scene number 2

You can see it as first glance: the two pictures of our semifinalists from South Korea and California differ considerably in their white balance. Under artificial light, it’s not easy for smartphones to appropriately map reality. Do you have a favorite among the two competitors here?


Scene number 3

Anyone who takes close-ups with a smartphone usually wants one thing: to show as many details as possible. In order to better focus on the subject, the exposure needs to be right. We refrained from using an artificial bokeh effect in this comparison in order to better assess the quality of the lenses and sensors. Which photo do you like better?


And now you can vote for the best photos! Thanks for taking part!

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