iPhone XS Teardown Reveals L-Shaped Batteries And More Besides

Whenever a new iPhone launches, you can bet on two things – Apple fans will go utterly mad for them, and repair site iFixit will mercilessly tear them apart to find exactly what makes them tick.

As expected, the shiny new iPhone XS and XS Max have been brutally torn to pieces in order to see how easy they are to repair – but in doing so, iFixit has also discovered all kinds of cool little features, changes and upgrades.

On the inside, both are pretty similar to last year’s iPhone X when it comes to internal components, but closer inspection reveals some pretty significant changes under the hood. One thing noticed by the iFixit team is that Apple seems to be making more and more of the chips contained within the device; this year, a new power management chip has been added which is – you guessed it – made by Apple itself.

Perhaps more exciting is the new battery which sits inside the iPhone XS. Last year, the iPhone X had a rather messy solution when it came to battery capacity; two cells were included to give the phone a combined charge of 2,716mAh. However, this year Apple has opted for a more elegant single battery, and it’s shaped like the letter L. Fancy!

The basic iPhone XS model has a capacity of 2,659mAh – maths boffins will spot that’s actually lower than the capacity of the 2017 device, but Apple is adamant that improvements made elsewhere mean it actually offers more stamina than the iPhone X. The XS Max, on the other hand, benefits from a larger 3,179mAh of power, but Apple has retained the awkward two-cell setup seen in the iPhone X. You can’t win ’em all.

However, what’s not included inside these phones is perhaps just as interesting. Both the XS and XS Max have IP68 water and dust resistance ratings, making them more robust than the iPhone X on paper – however, the iFixit team say they could find no evidence inside either device that would support the bolstered certification. Curious!

Elsewhere, the camera bump on the XS model is slightly taller than it was on the iPhone X, but cosmetically, it’s a very close match to the 2017 version. So there you have it – iFixit has broken an iPhone XS so you don’t have to.

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