JBL Link Speakers: The Perfect Google Home Alternative?

Richard Goodwin

20/02/2018 – 9:30am

JBL’s Link series of smart speakers are definitely worth a look if Google Home doesn’t do it for you

If you’re in the market for a set of new wireless speakers, and Sonos and HomePod are a bit too pricey, you definitely want to be looking at JBL’s Link series.

Why? Well, there’s plenty of choice, for one. Second, they’re great performers with great connectivity. The design of them is solid and they will look great in and around you home. They also WILL NOT mark wooden surfaces like Apple’s HomePod as well, which is always a good thing.

Why Not Google Home?

Pretty simple, really: for overall sound quality Google Home is not great; it’s not even good actually. Not compared to these JBL Link speakers or Sonos. If you want a decent Google Home audio experience you’re going to have to pony up for the Google Home Max – and that one’s pricey.

JBL’s Link speakers offer very good value for money, however, and they deliver where it counts: portability, sound quality, and connectivity. And if that wasn’t enough, they ALL feature Google Assistant, so they have Google Home matched in that regard as well.

But having an assistant like Google’s Assistant is not the be all and end all of a smart speaker. Case in point: I have three smart speakers in my home – Google Home, Google Home Mini, and an Amazon Echo – and I use exactly ZERO of them for listening to music on.

No, for music I rely on my SONOS system which is infinitely superior (and doesn’t have ANY sort of assistant inside it). Google Home does timers and answers questions for me, questions like home many grams are there in a teaspoon or something similar.

JBL Series Speakers – What Are Your Options

As I said, there’s a bunch of options that range in price and performance. I’ve listed all of them below with the cheapest first, followed by the next best:

  • JBL Link 10 
  • JBL Link 20
  • JBL Link 300 
  • JBL Link 500

JBL Link Speakers – The Smaller Units

If you’re after something small, say for your kitchen or study, the JBL Link 10 or JBL Link 20 will suffice. They’re not much bigger than Amazon’s Echo device, but they pack a punch when it comes to audio and will easily fill a small room with detailed, precise sound.

They’re also portable, and truly wireless, meaning you can move them easily and even take them out of the house if you wish – something you cannot do with Google Home or Echo, as they require a wired connection.

Both are also water resistant too, so you can, umm… use them in the shower if you so wish. Or the bath. Or, if you’re really fancy, your swimming pool.

The JBL Link 10 and JBL Link 20 are the ones to go for if you’ve been thinking about a Google Home, but aren’t sold on its sound quality. For the money, $99 and $149 respectively, these units offer up better sound performance and more connectivity (Bluetooth, Cast, and Assistant).

You Can Pick Up The JBL Link 10 and JBL Link 20 speakers via JBL For $99 and $149, Respectively.

JBL Link Speakers – The Big Speakers

If you’re looking for something with more of a punch, the type of speaker that could power a house party, for instance, then perhaps the JBL Link 300 and JBL Link 500 are more up your alley. These speakers are bigger and more powerful while packing in all the connectivity that makes the smaller units so good.

The JBL Link 300 and JBL Link 500 are also ideal candidates for your living room, if you watch a lot of movies and/or play video games, as they bring quite a bit more sound performance in this context. And because they’re smart speakers, you can use them to control your TV with your voice.

The JBL Link 300 and JBL Link 500 are more expensive than the smaller units, but they’re still A LOT cheaper than Apple’s HomePod and the Google Home Max. And, I’d argue, they kick our vastly superior sound quality too – though this is my own personal opinion.

You Can Pick Up The JBL Link 300 and JBL Link 500 speakers via JBL For $199 and $399, Respectively.

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