Keep your BlackBerry Classic screen safe for just $8.95 today!

I had purchased a two-pack of a different and very well-known brand screen protector for my new BlackBerry Classic and immediately regretted the decision. The first one was troublesome to apply, and I could not get all the air bubbles out. The film seemed to have picked up every trace of airborne lint, which of course became trapped between itself and the Classic’s screen as I applied the screen protector. I removed it and tried the second one. The results were the same. The level of touch-capacity unresponsiveness had me wondering if my Classic was defective. The “placement sticker” didn’t lift off completely, and left a gummy residue on the surface, and after only a few days use, the screen protector was severely scratched from my earrings. I had only had my Classic for a couple of weeks, and because of the sub-quality screen protector I was using, the device looked as though I had had it for a year!I saw the two-pack Tru Protection Anti-Glare Film Set for BlackBerry Classic on sale last week and after reading reviews from different websites, decided to purchase it. What a difference! This screen protector went on effortlessly. There was only one air bubble, near the top by the earpiece, and that one worked its way out after about a day. The anti-glare feature beautifully aides in outdoor viewing of the Classic’s screen, leaves almost no fingerprints and easily wipes clean. The display underneath is crisp and touch-capacity as is good as not having a screen protector at all. It’s great to know that I have a spare, but honestly don’t know if I’ll even need it. I will keep the pack so that no matter what device I upgrade to next (still BlackBerry, of course), I can purchase another Tru Protection Anti-Glare Film Set to fit.


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