LG V30 2018 Coming To MWC!

Paul Briden

13/02/2018 – 12:48pm

A new LG V30 is coming to MWC 2018 in a matter of weeks

LG’s flagship from last year, the LG G6, was a bit of a flop, in part owing to the fact it ran a processor from 2016 because in the first half of 2017 (when the LG G6 launched), Samsung had hogged all the Qualcomm Exynos 835 processors for its Galaxy S8. That meant that LG ended up launching another phone later in the year, which was a much better flagship-standard handset despite not being the firm’s main flagship brand; the LG V30 basically superseded the LG G6 in nearly every way and proved a lot more popular with reviewers and consumers alike.

And now in 2018, LG may be already prepping a new model for launch as early as MWC 2018, which is taking place towards the end of February. According to a report from Slashgear, LG is going to be in attendance at MWC 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, and it’ll unveil a new and revamped LG V30. By the sounds of things, although it will incorporate new features, this won’t be a true sequel, hence why its not being dubbed the LG V40, instead it’s more like the OnePlus 5T to the OnePlus 5, or something like that.

A big emphasis will allegedly be new software focusing on AI and voice commands; a feature called Voice AI will reportedly let users give unique commands to Google Assistant not found on any other smartphone. Many of the commands are related to launching the camera in a specific mode. Here’s a quick shortlist below:

  • Panoramic Photo
  • Food Photo
  • Time-lapse Photo (Video)
  • Slow-motion Video
  • Low-light Photo
  • AI Cam Photo
  • Image Search
  • Code Scanning
  • Shopping Search

So amongst other things, Vision AI will use image recognition for search and shopping functions, but on top of that it’s said it will have image recognition for over 100 million images which it will use to inform you on the best setting for the camera, based on what you’re looking at. It’ll reference eight different camera settings based around things it sees in the image, for example, the reflections, the angle, and the lighting.

With all of this said, the changes do appear to be entirely software based, meaning there may not be many changes to the new LG V30 (although we doubt there will be no changes at all), however, it does mean that LG reportedly intends to introduce the software package to its existing phones that can use it, which could well mean the current LG V30 gets a Vision AI update in the future.

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