Merio Subway Runner Game for Tizen phone

Here is a fast pace game that will surely give you a challenge. Merio Subway Runner, a running game with smooth animation, fun gameplay and good graphics.

Merio Subway Runner, I know what you are thinking, the game is somewhat like a copycat of popular Mario game that we love, from the character to the graphics looks and feels a bit like Mario. Anyways, still it is a good game to play on your Tizen phone, in this game you are task to rescue the princess, jump from platform to platform avoiding spikes and saws.

Avoid also from falling in the deep ravine. Have a fast reflex, jump, collect coins and reach the long distance and get a high score. Download this free game to your Tizen phone, “Merio Subway Runner”, a free challenging game for your Tizen phone.


Run with Merio and friends and help to rescue the princess, tap the screen to jump and make some tricks movements.

Rush all the worlds and stomp the enemies to kill them, collect coin. Be carefull with the spikes and saws.

Run Fasters As possible and Help Merio to reach the best scores.

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