Monster Hunter World Adds Tempered Deviljho Event Quest

When Monster Hunter World first released Deviljho into the wild earlier this week, players were curious to know if the new monster had a tempered version. Now we have an answer, as an event quest featuring a tempered Deviljho has arrived.

The event quest is called Relish the Moment, and further plays on Deviljho’s “pickle” nickname. It is a 9-star rank quest with a recommended Hunter Rank of 50, so players will need to beat the tempered Kirin quest. After that, the tempered Deviljho will be waiting, although he is sure to be a challenge for some.

Like many of the event quests in Monster Hunter World, this tempered Deviljho hunt has an increased chance for a rare reward, in this case streamstones. And since this is an event quest and not an optional quest, players can grind out as many tempered Deviljho hunts as they want.

Streamstones are an essential item for endgame Monster Hunter World players for several reasons. For starters, players won’t unlock armor augmenting until they get their first weapon streamstone (it’s silly we know), and augmenting armor is key to increasing one’s defense.

monster hunter world tempered deviljho quest

Additionally, streamstones are used for augmenting weapons and further buffing one of several attributes for the weapon. How many times a player can augment their weapon depends on the rarity (rarity 8 weapons can only augment once, while rarity 7 can augment twice), but the four choices when augmenting are increased attack, higher defense, increased affinity, and a gem slot.

It’s unclear how long the event quest will be active, so players should act quickly if they have been waiting to augment. Typically, event quests change every Thursday afternoon (in the US), but this is a little different and the quest could be gone next Thursday or maybe it will hang around a bit longer.

Whatever the case, endgame Monster Hunter World players have a busy week ahead of them for farming. This tempered Deviljho quest is likely a great way to farm weapon streamstones for current builds and future weapons that might release. And there is also a different event quest that is a great source for farming tempered elder dragon investigations. However, tempered elder dragon hunts may not be as important now that there is a better source for farming streamstones.

Monster Hunter World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases later this year.

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