Monster Hunter World Matchmaking Broken on Xbox One

While plenty of gamers are enjoying Monster Hunter World, taking on beasts and crafting stronger armor, some are having trouble with the game’s matchmaking. Specifically, Xbox One players have noted difficulties teaming up with others and, in turn, are missing out on one of Monster Hunter World’s newest features.

Suspicions about the matchmaking issues arose earlier this weekend and the game’s official Twitter confirmed things:

Xbox Support’s Twitter even took notice of Monster Hunter World’s matchmaking issues:

Players were very excited that the beloved Monster Hunter franchise was getting cooperative play but these Xbox matchmaking issues and the recent PSN outage seem to be are no doubt frustrating, especially with Monster Hunter World coming out a mere two days ago.

The issue seems to be that when a player begins a game on Xbox, they have an option to either play solo, cooperatively with their Squad, or join into a session where other players are visible to find monsters with fellow hunters. This new cooperative feature was one of the game’s biggest appeals and players hoped it would work flawlessly upon release, but unfortunately, things have been less than stellar. While Capcom has yet to say what is causing the matchmaking problems, some are speculating the lack of a beta on Xbox hurt the potential for a flawless experience.

Even though Xbox One gamers are dealing with the brunt of issues, PlayStation users have not been off scot-free. The recent PlayStation Network outage did put a damper on launch weekend, if only for a few hours.

It’s a shame that Monster Hunter World’s launch weekend was marred by a few problems, but hopefully, things will be fixed sooner rather than later. There is a lot to explore in Capcom’s latest title, and much of that content is even better when playing with a group.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release slated for Fall of 2018.

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